Saturday, April 23, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

Hollywood is a topsy-turvy world in which nothing makes much sense and the rules by which the rest of society live do not apply. Especially if your name is Lindsay Lohan.

Grand Theft--Misdemeanor--Wrist Slap--Bail

I've never appeared in a criminal court as a defendant. I'll bet you haven't either. This is Ms Lohan's FOURTH appearance before a judge this year. She has never been found not guilty. She is currently on probation.

My understanding is probation is like you've had the stern talk and if you screw up the slightest little bit you are going to get your butt handed to you with severe bruising and no second chances.

What happens here? Linds walks out the jewelry store door with a $2500 necklace around her neck unpaid for. Because she is who she is, the shop-keeper expects her to return and pay or have one of the loyal minions drop off a check. Doesn't happen. This is what is called Felony Grand Theft.

Lilo is found guilty. That merits prison time. Judge decides it really isn't a felony but a misdemeanor. Judge somehow doesn't see this as problematic for someone on probation. Judge sentences princess to 120 days in the LA can, knowing that the over-populated facility can't provide the spa and room service attention that Lilo needs and finally grants the pampered twit an insignificant bail and lets her walk.

What will it take to teach this spoiled and dissipated child a meaningful lesson? Will she have to kill someone? Oh, that's right. Even that doesn't count in Hollywood if you're OJ Simpson. 


juvat said...

Are you saying that if you or I had put on a $2500 watch and walked outside to see how it looked in the sunlight then forgotten we had it on while we went to a pub for a beer (and, being older, had done the same thing four times this year), that we wouldn't have gotten off with a misdemeanor? I say, pshaw!! Why our Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal. The 14th amendment to the Constitution requires equal protection. Why even the Supreme Court Building has an engraving above the door saying "Equal Justice under the law".
Surely the rich and famous don't have a different set of laws, do they?

Anonymous said...

juvat-Obviously they do-infact they can get away with murder,but you knew that.