Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get Over It

We ridicule the mullahs who scribble off fatwas directing their faithful to kill those who draw stick figure caricatures of the Holy Prophet. We consider them ignorant, overly sensitive, and generally barbaric. Why can't they be enlightened like we are? Why can't they distinguish between freedom of speech and what really matters? Why don't they allow for art to be viewed and evaluated on its own merits? Take it or leave it. If you like it fine. If you hate it that is fine too but don't try to deny the artist the latitude to boldly go where others may fear to tread.

That is the essence of our First Amendment freedom of speech.

So, try this one on for size and see if it fits in your personal moral framework:

Gaga Goes GooGoo for Judas

What does Holy Week have to do with anything? Why is it so outrageous to say the Jesus is her virtue but Judas is her love? Seriously, how many  times have you heard the movie cliche, "I know he's bad, but I love him so much...."?

Why am I having flashbacks over the theatrical release of Andrew Loyd Weber's classic production, "Jesus Christ, Superstar"?


Murphy's Law said...

No Comparison, Ed.
Jesus Christ, Superstar is timeless, mainly because it was excellently-written and is typically performed well. This gal's just a flash in the pan who has to do "look-at-me" stuff like this because she really doesn't have much actual talent.

juvat said...

Just one more reason to continue my exercise of free speech and not buy the product she labels as "music". Much like the Dixie Chicks had a right to comment on their political views, I also have the right to tell anybody who'll listen that their comment was ill-advised, probably wrong and frankly stupid. If that costs them sales, fine. If enough people do the same and that causes their sales to completely dry up, also fine. Maybe they'll serve as a lesson, that you certainly can speak your mind, but you might actually want to just shut up and play music.