Saturday, February 25, 2012

Apologies Due?

While the American administration grovels for burning of a few Korans and the Afghans use destruction of  their already defaced books as justification for killing people, we find the stately "Gray Lady" of journalism, the New York Times simply sweeping under the rug a monumental example of bias, prejudice, religious intolerance and blatant ignorance.

No Problem Out-of-Wedlock Birth, Mr. Muddle Mouth

So, apparently, the elite intellectuals who editorialize for the premier newspaper in the nation find no problem with the incredible decline of the two-parent family in America, the application of derogatory nick-names to people with whom you disagree, and the ridiculing of an irrelevant religious practice.

How would that have played if it were a comment about African-Americans, Jews, Muslims, Latinos, or gays?

Time to take a hard look at the quality of staff that is writing for the New York Times. Ahhh, never mind. We've known for quite a while where they are coming from.

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