Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Is This Halftime in America?


The Donald said...

I love Clint Eastwood, but it is not halftime in America.

There's about five seconds left in the game, 4th down and 30, we're down by a TD.

Leon Lett has the ball...

nzgarry said...

Did I hear him correctly when he said the vehicle returned a net of 30 miles to the gallon?.
I guess what he meant was the mileage he got from a tank of gas plus the extra 26 miles on electric netted out at 30?.

Surely their must be standard small cars available in the US that can do better than that.

FlyingBarrister said...


There are cars in the US market that get that mileage and better. Heck, the old 5 cylinder "dirty" diesels that Mercedes used to sell here before US regs made them obsolete could provide 30 miles per gallon in full sized sedans at 55 miles per hour. I know the big Mercedes sedans got about 27 mpg at highway speeds around 65 mpg.

The Honda Pilot is a smaller, maybe considered a mid-size SUV. It is exclusively a gas burner, or at least the one I have driven was, and has a technology to turn off fuel to two or more cylinders when they are not needed, and kick them back in when they are needed. It produces very good mileage with none of the hybrid or electric technology expense or shortcomings.

Then there is a list of small cars similar in size and mileage to the Volt without the cost and subsidies.

Ed Rasimus said...

My 385 HP V-8 Genesis delivers 24 MPG consistently city or highway in a big roomy high-performance sedan. Before that my Infiniti Q45 V-8 did 22-24 consistently and even the poor-man's Porsche, my Infiniti G-35 coupe did 25 with hard driving and seemed to actually produce gas on the highway. Nobody wants a Volt. They are an impractical solution with the need for plug-in infrastructure which doesn't exist and a range that is unsuitable for anybody living outside of NYC or Washington DC.

Halftime in America with a tour of Detroit apparently meant that the reason the city was so empty was because everyone was standing in line for a hot-dog or headed for the parking lot to beat the traffic outward bound.

hitman said...

GM can do better than that. My '99 DeVille with the Northstar V-8 would get 27-28 mpg at 75-80 on the interstate all day long.