Monday, February 27, 2012


I've got to admit it was masterful. You know the red carpet drill, all the plastic and tinsel stars show up with their temporary loaner designer dresses and the drooling TV host asks them, "Who are you wearing?"

So, Sacha Baron Cohen is arriving in a promo for his soon-to-be-released film, "The Dictator" and does his full costume schtick including two bodyguards in a parody of Qaddafi-style Amazon outfits. Ryan Seacrist is the epitome of professional red carpet host and seeing Cohen's super-stretch limo arrive does the set up line:

"When he comes up my first question is going to be 'who are you wearing tonight?'"

Then this ensues:

Now you are not going to get me to believe that was anything but a setup. Cohen was prepped, the straight line was perfect, Seacrist looked suitably stunned (but had a spare shirt and tux jacket nearby for five minutes later), and a well-positioned stage hand was handy to take the urn and cover so that Sacha was not forced to carry his joke gadgetry for the rest of the night.

It was a great piece and it did the job as nobody else has gotten the coverage that Cohen and Seacrist did on the morning news. Not even Billy Crystal, J-Lo's possible nip shot, or the Oscar winners.


nzgarry said...

Doubtless a setup but also perhaps a copy.
I recall watching a Latter day Monty Python re-union show a few years ago where the surviving members were seated around a table with the interviewer dude. On the table was an urn that the team explained contained the mortal remains of Graham Chapman.

I guess you can all guess the rest.

FlyingBarrister said...

Jean DuJardin won the Oscar for Actor for his role in The Artist. i don't care about that flick.

However, I recommend that you see him in the OSS 117 movies, which are Bond spoofs.

Lost In Rio and Cairo, Nest Of Spies are both funny. They were available for streaming on netflix when I saw them.