Saturday, February 11, 2012

Through the Looking Glass

I'm losing track here. I thought I got it when the Bamster's minions told the Catholic charities that their religious proscriptions of contraception didn't trump the government's prescriptions for birth control pills/devices/procedures. It mattered not what your morality dictated, the Messiah took precedence for the greater welfare. At least until the bishops of the nation developed a backbone and mustered the forces of Mother Church to send a message.

So, in a fashion which we have become familiar with over these last three years, we see the "ooops" gear once again when the administration decides that someone noticed the extent of their reach exceeded the authority of their constitutional grasp. They backed slowly away from the issue, but that's where I get confused.

As the grand Articulator and Dissembler explained it, the church will not have to provide these birth control services to their employees. It will be the insurance companies that will provide it. But, aren't the churches contracting with the insurance companies to provide the insurance? And, if the church contracts specify that birth control will NOT be part of the paid-for policy, by what authority does the insurance company provide it? And since when did they develop such benevolence as to provide free coverage for any aspect of the healthcare which they fund?

A customer opts out of a product.

A provider supplies the product in contravention of the contract.

The provider does so without compensation.

All because the government mandates it under which delegated and enumerated authority of the Constitution?

Is there now actually such a thing as a free lunch?

Which leads me to the point where I wonder if Christian Science organizations will have to provide hospitalization coverage for their employees despite their avoidance of medical consultation?


foxone12 said...

Grand Articulator and Dissembler indeed. If this guy were in a poker game, he'd be thrown out, or worse, the first time he reneged on a bet. If he were a baseball pitcher, he'd be called for a balk. But, this guy can do no wrong, simply because it's his game and he makes the rules, usually after declaring himself the winner.

This country has been too long without leadership and I mean leadership with a clear vision of taking America upward and onward. Sure hoping one breaks out of the GOP pack, and soon.

Dweezil Dwarftosser said...

Don't be silly! Of course Christian Scientists will be exempted from medical insurance policies. They will, however, be required to fund sterilization, abortion, and all of the contraceptive coverage their employees could ever want, at no cost.

ruralcounsel said...

By Obama's logic, one is not a murderer if one hires the hit man, so long as hit man performs the hit at government command, and one knows the government is going to order the hit.

Are we really not supposed to be able to see beyond this obvious fraud and deception? Does the Administration seriously expect us to swallow this load of crap? This "compromise" doesn't raise to the level required to be considered, let alone considered credible. Another self-delusional moment brought to us by the Loser-In-Chief.