Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Constitutes Sin?

We discussed it yesterday. There is a question of how it is possible to not do something which will inevitably get done. How can you expressly not purchase a product which then is guaranteed to be supplied to the recipient? If your action is going to unquestionably result in a moral transgression based on your deeply held theology, have you not sinned?

The Bishops Read the Fine Print

Very clearly the angel's pirouetting upon the Bamster's pinhead do not satisfy the clarity quotient of the clergy. If the insurance provides what you said you wouldn't provide and gives what you otherwise would pay for so that the end result is still the same, you haven't bypassed the gaping doorway to hell.


foxone12 said...

Ed, what everyone has to realize is that this president makes his own rules and therefore everything he does (in his eyes) is correct. There is no more logic than a whinny four year old trying to get what he wants, when against all logic and arguments to the contrary screams, "BUT I WANT IT!"

Anonymous said...

A pastor friend of mine said the Bible definition came down to this: If the intent of your words is to deceive, then its a lie. Simple, straight-forward and easy to explain. I'd say, by this definition, most of what the Obama administration puts out and that person occupying the Oval Office says, is a lie.