Thursday, February 09, 2012

Just Another Day in Paradise

Do we need more evidence that the world has gone totally insane? Can there be any doubt remaining that the youth of the nation and the culture which we have fostered are dissociated from reality? Here are some headlines:

Hold Off On Iran Strike Until Madonna Concert is Over

Yep, gather enough "likes" on Facebook and I'm certain the Israeli need to survive a nuclear Iran will become secondary in any policy decisions.

Express Yourself In Dress. It's Your First Amendment Right

That would raise questions like which bathroom gets used, what happens in the gym classes, and how did they do in football last season.

Dare Not Diss Da Prophet in a Tweet

Who knew that Twitter could get you killed? Pass the word now to all your followers. You can use the "Tweet this" button on the right.

Is Your Cellphone Bill Too High? That's Nothing Compared to Washington's

A couple of billion spent making sure that the working poor can always hook up with their connection. Maybe there's a Rolling Stones song in that.

When Crossbows Are Outlawed Only Nephews Will Have Crossbows

So, you hate your uncle, but kill your granny and after you stab her 93 times, why do you need the crossbow?


FlyingBarrister said...

Cellfare for all!

I am proud to be subsidizing this plan by paying my own cell bill.

foxone12 said...

We need to institute a societal change. When referring to local, state, and federal governments, we should call them Little Stupid, Middle Stupid, and Big Stupid ....or in abbreviated form, List, Mist, and Bist. They should always be capitalized for emphasis.

Teenagers, as we know, fall off the Stupid Scale, males and females. We'll call them "Its", as in "It thinks it's clever to sag its designer jeans and stick earrings in its lips."

Those who believe in strict interpretation of sharia law, we'll call "Stoners."