Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Level At Which Truth Can Be Found

The problem with analyzing military conditions regarding combat, morale, troop conditions, tactics effectiveness, and in the long term victory or defeat, is that somewhere along the chain of command you lose the immediacy of observation and begin to experience the politics of personal preservation.

Those who read "When Thunder Rolled" may recall the last chapter where I discuss who the real obstacles were to clear victory in Rolling Thunder. Those familiar with "Palace Cobra" will surely recall the description of warriors versus careerists in the final pages. It is possible for a few remarkable folks to walk the precarious line between war-fighting and career-building. It is possible, but damnably rare.

Conditions As SecDef and CJCS Announce Withdrawal Dates

The Armed Forces Journal is no right wing hysteria blog. I've got to say it took incredible courage for the author to write that report and allow publication. He isn't on the fast track to Pentagon stars in the current environment, but I'd be happy to buy him a beer anywhere, any time.


juvat said...

Retiring as a LTC with your honor and soul intact is infinitely better than being a four star prostitute to an incompetent Commander in Chief without the leadership skills needed to lead a rat out of an open paper bag.

nzgarry said...

The "Hearts and Minds" strategy worked for the Brits and us during the Malayan communist insurgency back in the 1950's.
But the Malays hadn't been previously ruled and terrorized by the communists as the Afghans have by the Taliban. Judging by the Lt Colonels comments it appears to have no chance of ultimately succeeding.

What I don't understand is why the Taliban's supply routes have not been effectively sealed, especially the Pakistan border. Ten years is a long time to fight with no supplies.