Sunday, February 05, 2012

Keeping Count

With less than 10% of the delegates needed to nominate, here is how the horse race looks:

Delegates Committed and Yet to be Counted

See, you thought your primary vote didn't count for anything....


Ed Rasimus said...

We are about to convert this blog to administrator approved comments in which there will be a delay after posting until I am available to let comments proceed. That stifles discussion, but apparently that becomes necessary when some contributors lack the maturity to constrain their behavior.

bongobear said...

Might I make a suggestion Ed? Why not ignore Leadfoot? I've read and heard much worse language in my life so he doesn't offend me and I doubt any of your other readers are offended by his conduct. He's an irratating jerk for certain but if everyone just ignores him he'll get tired of the antics and go away. It's your blog and I'll continue to read it daily no matter how you administer it but it seems you're letting Leadfoot win.