Saturday, February 18, 2012

Off Shore Analysis

Once again I find turning to the Guardian for objective analysis of a political situation pays off. You sure can't find rational discussion like this in the American mainstream media:

Pentagon, Politics, Policy Choices Push Prez

We need to be reminded that actions have consequences. How the seizure of the US Embassy was dealt with in 1979 had consequences, and Ahmadinejad was on the scene. How we've dealt with Iran over the years of terrorism is a record we cannot escape. How the current administration has approached America's role in the security of the civilized world generates consequences. How this president has interacted with the Prime Minister of Israel has consequences. What Israel has to lose and what they have to gain play large in this scenario.

1 comment:

The Donald said...

"The White House wants to see sanctions work. This is not the Bush White House. It does not need another conflict."

What a bunch of d-bags! Now in its fourth year, though totally bereft of original ideas, these imbeciles can't refrain from snarking at the prior administration.

Well, if that's the game they want, then here's game: Obama = Carter II.

By God's grace and the will of the American people, hopefully this clown will be gone from 1600 Penn Ave on 20 Jan 2013.