Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Pearl of Great Price

Jonathan Turley of the Washington Post takes a stand on the First Amendment and while he creates a great rational argument, I don't buy it. If Turley had some time wearing the uniform, he wouldn't be sucked into his high flown rhetoric either:

Stolen Valor No Loss, No Harm, No Foul

I don't come close to holding the MOH. I know a couple of guys who do though. I know that I walk softly and in awe when in their presence. I have incredible respect for them and for all who have received the highest decoration which the nation awards.

Those who have served heroically didn't do it for benefit. They did what they were trained to do and what they felt obliged to do under extreme circumstances. A nation recognized that special performance and chose to acknowledge it with insignificant bits of ribbon and base metal. They are special items and viewed by most Americans with respect. We nod politely to those who have been presented the Purple Heart. We respect those with the Bronze Star or Distinguished Flying Cross. We know that someone with a Service Cross or Silver Star has been in harm's way and acted nobly. 

That is why those who claim those honors without having earned them are vile. They seek to benefit, to gain recognition and to advance themselves by claiming something which they have no right to.

In the process, they demean what I have earned. They create suspicion among Americans that those who claim to possess special recognition are all liars. They take something precious from our warriors and when they are caught it is essential that they pay a price for sullying something which we have a right to be proud of.


Six said...

Well said Ed. It's instructive how many of the excusers of Stolen Valor have never served. They have not the first clue what sacrifices those who have been so honored have endured. They have no concept of pain and honor and selfless courage. They cannot understand why others would find such behavior vile and reprehensible.

immagikman said...

One of the major problems we have in this country is that we have for so long lived such a sheltered pampered life that nearly no one who has never served really knows true sacrifice or danger. The vast majority have been fat dumb and happy safe in their little fantasy world. How anyone can argue that Lying about such things is not a completely beyond my understanding.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Ed. Having said that I unfortunately think the Supreme Court will rule against the stolen valor act. Hope I am wrong.