Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stimulating Green Success Story

Swoopy, luxurious, exotic and most importantly, electric. That's the Fisker. Outrageously expensive, but that is the price you'll have to pay to have mediocre performance and be at the cutting edge of the green revolution. Frankly, I'd spend the hundred large on a new Porsche, but that's just me.

The fact is that the Fisker Karma (seriously, that's the name!) is going nowhere. The project is behind schedule, over budget and may be a 21st century DeLorean before it all is over.

That's not important though. The important thing is to create "green" jobs and the only way to do that is to stimulate green companies that take us away from dependence on oil and use your tax dollars to make it all happen.

$390,000,000.00 Nets Loss of 125 Jobs and Big Bonuses

I'll bet that the executives who pull in those $300K per year and over paychecks to manage a quarter billion dollar corporate loss will be big Bamster contributors for re-election. You've got to throw some chum in the waters to get a net full of fish.


hitman said...

Is that the one that Al Gore had on order? And what model Porsche Ed? I like the Panamera, even though the car rags are always putting it down.

The Donald said...

As a former loan officer, I'd like to see the books and tour the factory floor of that company, to see how much was actual operating loss, and how much flowed straight to company management (read: reliable Democrat donors).