Friday, February 17, 2012

On the Content of their Character...

Harry Reid exemplifies all that is wrong with politics in America. He is a weasely little man who panders to the worst aspects of our society. He obstructs action, he misdirects blame, and he dispenses largesse to his supporters without the slightest qualms.

Yesterday he ran off about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as somehow failing to live up to his ethnic obligations. He characterized the Cuban-American senator as someone "supposedly representing Hispanic interests." What was the issue?

Rubio opposed President Obama's appointment of one of Reid's constituents who happens to be Puerto Rican as ambassador to El Salvador. You see, in Reid's race-based perspective the simple Latino affinity supersedes all other qualifications and mandates knee-jerk support regardless of the background of the appointee.

It might come as a shock to Sen. Reid today when it is revealed that Hispanics are not universally dependent upon the liberal agenda.

Conservative Hispanics Support Rubio's Position on Ambassador

Dealing with issues rather than ethnicity would be a giant step forward in our political dialogue. Merely because someone is Latino or Asian or Black does not establish a political ideology. It is irrelevant to qualification, education, capability or agenda.

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foxone12 said...

Once again, you are right on the money, about Senator Reid and about ethnicity. Can you imagine the uproar if a Senator suggested he was voting for a candidate because the man or woman was white? Martin Luther King's plea for colorblindness has become a voice in the wilderness.