Monday, February 06, 2012

Death of a Thousand Cuts

How low can we go when it comes to a viable TacAir component? How few aircraft can we retain and still have an objective evaluation (that of an enemy, is the most objective) believe that the force will be victorious? How many flexes of a metal panel at 9 Gs does it take before the panel fractures?

Just When It Gets Practical, Cut the Buy Some More

The political choice of guns or butter in a budget is always on the table. But while you can realistically do without butter on occasions when butter might be called for, you can't survive without a gun when a gun is the solution to the situation.


immagikman said...

Seems like our genious leader is ignorant of History....ahh well who cares if millions die in other places.

LauraB said...

Materiel hasn't been used up and replacements unfunded like this before. I do not like it.

FlyingBarrister said...

Timely and topical article following our discussion of the F-35 program last week.

Randall said...

To reference an old myth.... "Is today the day that we can go to war with the United States and win?" Shuffling of papers, intelligence documents, reconnaissance photos, etc, is heard in the background. "Wow! Sir, today just might be the day!!"