Monday, February 27, 2012

You Can Bet That Tommy Sees

The President has found a way to make some deficit cuts:

Raise the Cost of Tricare for Active and Retired--Civilians Stay the Same


Anna said...

Yes indeed. BOHICA

Pedro Chavez said...

Didn't know you liked poetry. H. Ross Perot recited parts of this poem, "Tommy," in the late 1980s, before his first run for the presidency... he impressed me. Then he went nuts... Ras, I learned about Kipling in high school in Mexico via his poem "If." (It was called "Si" in Spanish). I've used "Tommy" in one of my columns, but me thinks most folks don't get it. It's Tommy this, and Tommy that... You know what I say? Fuck 'em all!

immagikman said...

How deplorable and reprehensible and disgusting must this man become before he is rejected outright by the good people of this nation? Changing the terms of agreement on Military members after they have held up their end of the contract should be unthinkable.

immagikman said...

Ugh I hate the new verification thigns...those letters are hard to read at best :P

FlyingBarrister said...

Nothing new here for liberals in charge.

1. Political patronage--protect those that vote for Dims--govt employees and union members.

2. Go after those that don't vote Dim--and military personnel and retirees overwhelmingly vote against Dims.

3. Libs still hate the military.