Sunday, April 05, 2009

Capitalism Is The Villain

Ohh, yeah! The UN "Commission of Experts" explains what the world needs now. What I need now is an explanation of how much hubris it takes to become a member of any agency which would give itself such a pompous title.

Take a deep breath then read this:

UN Recommends a Global Tax

Some pithy pronouncements from the piece that will give you insight into our very own current administration's ideas:

The report blends the socialist and Islamic economic perspectives as an alternative to our present capitalistic system. It has four basic themes. Western-style free market capitalism is the villain. Redistributive justice is mandatory. New global governance authorities are required. Global taxes are also needed.

Personally I see more Islamic nations reaching toward a twelfth century sort of dark ages than succeeding with the "Experts" concept of enlightened economic perspectives. If we don't have a petro-dollar fueled oligarchy we've got stark primitivism in the Islamic world.

Are you wondering what makes the Islamic system so desireable? First don your burka and abandon your iPod habits, then take this into consideration:

The Islamic financial system derives its strength and stability from its faculty to uphold Shariah principles.

See? If we simply had some goons with clubs marching up and down Wall Street enforcing Shariah, we would have avoided all of this travail.

Now you are probably asking yourself, who could possibly be able to handle this conversion from the evil world in which we Americans live and move us toward the paradise of redistribution of our wealth to the third world. You want to know who would lead us to Shariah and dismantle our capitalism so that we can share the joys of poverty with Islamic nations. Look back to the article and see:

The only institution that the UN experts believe has broad enough political legitimacy to serve as the global decision making forum and eliminate the abuses of free market capitalism is, unsurprisingly, the body that gave them the platform to air their views on a global stage in the first place – the United Nations.

I've always been able to make an argument that the UN was a debating forum for better world understanding, even when they often have demonstrated that they don't have our best interests in mind. But, now I've tipped over on this. They are a subversive element in our society. They seek our downfall while flourishing within our hospitality. They take our money while slapping us down regularly in their General Assembly. They demand without respect. They need to find a new home for their headquarters.

I'd suggest someplace nice like Kabul or Islamabad. I hear the weather is nice there this time of year and global warming won't be causing any flooding very soon.

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