Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Never-Ending Search

The willingness to express racial indignation for almost anything is seemingly always a bit more extreme. We might recall nearly a decade ago the deep umbrage taken when someone accused an individual during a public speech of being "niggardly." It mattered not what the definition of the word is, the resemblance to the all-to-familiar racial slur allowed for the ignorance of taking offense to prevail over common sense.

How many times during the campaign was the slightest reference to ethnicity pointed out as being a serious breach of polite discourse. You might even recall the twisting of the race issue by candidate Obama himself into accusations of what his opponent might probably do, not what he actually did.

So can we be surprised at this:

What Would The Colonel Say?

Apparently now the linkage between fried chicken and race is established, but I'm not sure how pizza fits into the equation.

We've seen the Messiah's image, logo, name, and slogan plastered all over the civilized and uncivilized world for the last three years. What's wrong with a restaurant in Brooklyn and in Harlem using the name?

Should I be offended by the clear slur I see every day at KFC when the connection is so shamelessly made between fried chicken and chubby, old, white guys?

I never realized. Maybe there's a law suit in this...

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