Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's In A Name

It would be hard to miss the pandemic panic going on around the world. Let's say there is a disease spreading and it will cause considerable discomfort for those who contract it. As with any illness, some folks will die from it.

Yet, so far the panic has been much greater than the reality of the numbers. In the totality of the population, the impact even in Mexico has been miniscule. Could it get much worse? Of course. Will it? I'm skeptical.

Now we've got political correctness being added to the mix:

Don't You Be Calling Them No Swines!

Doesn't H1N1 variant flu trip lightly off your tongue?

Meanwhile in Egypt they are about to round up and kill all the pigs. Gotta believe the death toll for piglets is going to be incredible. And, in Israel where they don't eat pork, the spread of "Short-Legged Cow" flu is being fought aggressively.

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