Monday, April 27, 2009

We're All Just One Step From Mayhem

This will simply make you gag. It is about a training video from Penn State University to help faculty in their relationship with students. Be sure to keep in mind that it is scripted and acted to make a point:

I'm Feeling Sooooo Threatened

Yes, that's right! The problem the comely young academic is dealing with is one of those Neanderthals that served his country and preserved her freedom to be such a twit. As everyone in the intellectual community knows, those vets are all ignorant red-necks just one heartbeat away from exploding into a murderous rage because they are so severely damaged by their experiences.

As the piece points out, you can only imagine the politically correct outrage if the problem student had been ethnic minority or some other protected class. Nope, he's just a vet and we all know how they can be.


Anonymous said...

There is a subtext here.

Knowing the ways of the left in the academic "community," I tend to view this as a video that also shows professors how they can "get" conservative students. It would be very easy for a professor to manipulate a student into the scenario shown in the video, and then use that scenario to "get" the student.

Ah, but that's the Left for you....

Another point: the fuzzy Leftest pedagogy in higher education is opposed to focusing on correcting students' grammar, and especially when such focusing could alienate a student form their studies and school. Professors (even moderate or conservative professors) usually go easy on student grammar, even in English classes. So how is it the video that the student's grammar becomes the point of contention? This thing is very suspicious....

Anonymous said...

Here's another one: