Thursday, April 02, 2009

Touching All the Liberal Buttons

While much of the media demonstrates a clear bias, there are a few places that are open to coverage of both sides of the opinion coin. One of those is the Wall Street Journal, although I will confess that a regular columnist who writes a column called "The Tilting Yard" makes me gag.(Thomas Frank) Thursday's WSJ offered a good example of balanced, if not popular for the most likely audience, opinionating.

Relax as you read this socialist blathering which manages in about 1000 words to slip every single neo-Marxist, liberal cliche into the dialogue:

From the Marxist Playbook

Some of the touchy-feely, class-warfare stuff will make you scream. The current economic issues are "a result of Reaganism-Thatcherism." Sure, like warts on your hand are a result of...never mind.

Or how about the use of crisis seven times in only two short sentences? Did you get the gratuituous reference to climate and energy and environment as three distinct crises? How about the whimpering plea that while the developed nations are melting down economically, it is really the third world which didn't have anything to start with which is now suffering so much more?

And then the finale. While he acknowledges that maybe the G-20 might be slightly relevant, the really important stuff will be handled by the "Global Progressive Forum" in Brussels under the auspices of the United Nations and key-noted by our own lovable fuzz-ball, Bill Clinton.

If the column had been run a day earlier I'd have thought it was a prank.

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