Saturday, April 25, 2009

Follow the Money

Former VP Al Gore testified before a congressional committee this week on climate change. He was there to fan hysteria in support of cap-and-trade legislation. That's the program that finds carbon dioxide (you remember, that's what you exhale when you breathe,) a global pollutant. Government will set a finite limit on your exhalations as well as that of your vehicle, your electric utility company, the farmer growing your food and the many manufacturing plants that built this nation into the marvel we now enjoy.

Within the cap, everyone will have their carbon production evaluated and the total must fit within the cap. If you wish to emit more than the government says you can, you will need to find someone emitting less and then buy up their allotment. Of course this will all be handled by brokers and a trading market covered by a lot of really neat federal regulations. In simple form it means everything you need for your life will cost more. Everything!

As mentioned two days ago, Mr. Gore was immunized from challenge in his testimony by a climatology expert. Gore's words are not to be questioned. That's the way Congress does business these days. No alternative thoughts allowed.

Guess what? Someone is going to benefit from this. Yes, while we all pay more to save the planet some folks are going to get really, really wealthy and powerful. Isn't that a pleasant outcome?

Have you seen those commercials on TV with belching chimneys and rows of tractors indicating the evils of capitalism and free enterprise followed by fawning fools cooing about global warming and clean air? Then we get the message about all coming together, holding hands and making the sacrifices necessary for future generations. A stylized "WE" logo sows the seed of unification for progress. This is so big that it supercedes any divisivness or partisanship. It is a job for all of us.

Here's the Time magazine coverage of the WE operation:

Guess who's behind it?

Well, surprise, surprise! Yes, we find the sticky fingers of the Climate Cassandra right there in the midst.

But, even in congressional committees, it is difficult to control all of those fractious players. The gentle lady from Tennessee puts the former VP in the spotlight with her questioning of yet another linkage to the money pot:

"But I give it all to a non-profit. My non-profit, but still..."

Watching the video and listening to the chuckles of this sleaze had me flashing back on the presidential debate with George W. Bush where Gore feigned his distaste with almost continual heavy sighs at each comment of his opponent. These people are so beneath him that his contempt can hardly be veiled.

The outrage continues.

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