Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That's Not a Good Plan

Even if we (meaning the administration collectively) were too stupid to realize what blathering about insolvency or bankruptcy might trigger the results when it was done should have taught the lesson. If a senior government official, for example the Sec. of the Treasury or the Messiah himself, should postulate that if this were true and that might be then disaster would befall an entity the result is inevitably self-fulfilling prophecy.

Suggest that CITI group could be shaky and in a day or two it is!

So, how could this be a good plan?

Clueless Continues

That's right, folks. Your crack government staff plans to issue a statement reporting the "stress test" results on 19 of the largest financial institutions in the nation.

My guess is that unless there is the improbable result of a 19-way tie for first place the next step is disaster. And, maybe even with a 19-way tie, the interpretation could be that all of them are insolvent and unreliable.

Why don't they just sit back and sip on a great big cup of STF Up!


Anonymous said...

It's all smoke and mirrors. They are taking a wrecking ball to this country. That's what their actions are all about. And, sad to say, it is looking like Bush was in on it as well. Him and his friend "Shifty" Paulson....

Will the American sheeple figure it out in time?

The Jerry Doyle radio show has been presenting pretty good analyses of this stuff.

Anonymous said...


This says it all: