Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Painful List

I visit Salon regularly because of the basic military dictum of "know your enemy." They are generally liberal, but occasionally there is insight and honesty from even that quadrant. Camille Paglia isn't very liberal at all, yet she contributes regularly to the pages of that e-Zine:

Where Stoppeth the Buck?

The MSM's fawning adoration of everything the Messiah and Michelle did on the G-20 excursion downplayed so much, but check this list from the Paglia piece:

  1. The "president's tacky appearance on a late night comedy show."
  2. The "kitsch gift given to the British Prime Minister." (and the Queen!)
  3. The "sweater clad first lady's over-familiarity with the Queen."
  4. The "jaw dropping spectacle of a president of the US bowing to the king of Saudi Arabia."
  5. The "ambiguity of Obama's birth certificate."
  6. The "embargo on Obama's educational records."
  7. The "fidelity to leftist Saul Alinsky."
  8. The "questions about production of his two memoirs."

And, that doesn't even begin to address the appointment of a buffoonish cadre of tax-evading poltical hit-men with more questionable work experience than even the Messiah himself.

So even Slate is nipping at the heels of the man who would be king.

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