Saturday, April 25, 2009

Queen of Hearts Moment

Remember Alice in Wonderland? When she arrives at the Wonderland court in her journey with the rabbit, she meets the Queen of Hearts who seems decidedly predictive of our current crop of Congress-critters. She regularly contradicts herself but applies the royal prerogative of stating, "I mean whatever I want to mean whenever I want to mean it."

We saw it this week with Speaker Pelosi, certainly a queenly individual in her own patrician mind, emphatically denying any briefing or prior knowledge of enhanced interrogation techniques. Little attention is paid by the media when the unequivocal evidence is displayed that she and many of her cohorts received a one hour, detailed briefing in 2002 prior to any application of the techniques. That, in her mind was then and this is now. Deniability is no problem.

Now, speaking of Queens, here we've got this:

Fanny, Freddy, Fooie. I never said home ownership was a good thing

I increasingly find myself repeating the cliche that, "we are all entitled to our own opinion, but we aren't entitled to our own facts." They should be aware that in these times their every pronouncement is on video. That means when you do a 180 degree reversal you are going to wind up looking like the duplicitous ass you really are.

Now, let the Queen jokes begin...

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