Friday, April 10, 2009

The Oath Lasts a Lifetime

I've got a strong feeling that you will be seeing this in a lot of places:

The wisdom of our forefathers continues to astound. What were they thinking when they wrote our basic oath and used the phrase, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC."


jjet said...

Stirring presentation.

I'm more concerned about the approximately 60,000 armed Federal agents (not to mention Obama's 500,000 Civilian Security Force). FedGov agents report directly to the President. If I know the mindset of the average Fed (and I think I do) they will want to protect their pensions, at all costs.

If the FedGov can demonize a particular person or group, the Fed troopies have demonstrated a willingness to shoot to kill: Gordon Kahl, Waco, and Vickie Weaver come to mind.

Can anyone explain to me why a Department of Education bookkeeper is armed? Why a 22 year old woman from the EPA (who files EPA complaints) must be armed? Be

Several times various units of the USMC have been asked if they would confiscate weapons and shoot at owners who refused to give them up. The Marines (at the time) were adamant in their refusal. When an angry public confronted the Brass, it was told that this was just a "research projects" conducted by some unnamed officer attending a service school. It was really nothing. Really. Move along. Nothing to see here.

First one I remember was given to Marines at Parris Island about 1979. There have been at least two other "research projects" since then that I'm aware of but have forgotten the details.

We shall see.

May God help us if they forget their oaths.

I haven't forgotten mine.

Carter Kaplan said...
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Carter Kaplan said...


Along these lines of this subject you might find my blog today interesting: