Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fort Bergen-Belsen

It is easy to be paranoid these days. One need only watch the daily show in DC and see the creation of the totalitarian future of America. Money is dispensed without regard for the future debt burden to those who support the administration. Pork has become earmarks which have morphed into infrastructure development which is actually vote buying.

Major industries are being nationalized. Resisting companies are being mandated to become subservient through arm-twisting, jaw-boning and outright coercion. When the resistance becomes too great, the CEOs are summarily removed and Boards of Directors are disolved or simply over-ruled.

The future of firearms ownership in the nation seems in jeopardy and a virtual gun-buying panic has developed. Non-sporting guns are in short supply and they are exactly the items that the Second Amendment was written to protect. Ammo for defensive handguns and tactical rifles has simply disappeared from inventories.

People who are successful anticipate being stripped of their property in a vast redistribution effort while those who have insured their healthcare look to a future of reduced benefits and clinical indifference modeled on the third world. Schools are on the verge of becoming indoctrination centers and the military is downsized to depend upon 1980's technology available for 1920 sized forces.

Top it off with impending environmental restrictions which are going to disable our power plants, shut down our industries, stifle our economy and blow inflation out the roof as shortages become rampant. We'll be green but hungry and poor. But at least we will have saved the planet.

Now, take a minute to read this:

Jackboots Cometh in the Night

Be sure that you followed the link to GovTrack or to OpenCongress to read the actual proposed legislation. It's short, so it won't be too painful.

Clearly the trend of the administration is going to increasingly breed some resistance. That will generate organization and protests. The TEA Party business was just the beginning. It apparently will be necessary to be prepared for that with nice fenced compounds where they can gather these dissidents and re-educate them.

How fascinating that this should surface on Holocaust Day!


LauraB said...

Indeed, rather a lot of denial and "silly hillbilly" mockery about the matter.

But just check the sidings as one drives along the countryside. Rather a lot of them occupied. Admittedly, that's what they are for but...


Anonymous said...

CNN made YouTube yank this Tea Party video because it embarrassed them for reasons that become obvious as you view the video. Under "fair use" rules it's been restored:


In case YouTube caves to CNN again, the video is backed-up here:


More on this story:

Six said...

Right on target Colonel. I've linked to your post. I've never been a "conspiracy theorist" kinda guy but coupled with that DHS report I am more than a bit alarmed. This bears very close watching, especially by veteran groups.