Friday, April 03, 2009


So, we've known for a while that the Messiah is heavily dependent upon the teleprompter. We know conclusively that he is a grandiloquent orator when scripted. And, unfortunately we are increasingly aware that he has nothing to say when it is not written out for him.

This is from the G-20 press conference. He made his prepared statement. He took his routine pre-screened questions with his pre-loaded answers. Then, he took a question from a "foreigner"--that's right, he's in Europe and he calls on a "foreigner" thinking somehow that he possesses the mantle of native citizenship.

The question is simple, if you have a clue. Apparently he doesn't.

He could have said, "that's an important issue, but we didn't have time in this busy conference to discuss it. We will in the near future." See how easy that would have been? And, I'm not even President.


Chief Bob said...

I've seen first-graders on the news that could articulate an answer more rapidly and on a much higher level than Barry. Seriously.

Perhaps a software upgrade to TOTUS can be developed that will incorporate algoritms to frame eloquent responses for Our Great Orator. Geez...

Carter Kaplan said...

BO is so insecure he will bull his way through, even when he doesn't know what he is talking about, even when he OBVIOUSLY doesn't know what he is talking about. That "authoritative" tone/inflection that emerges when he is starting a sentence, or at the beginning of a clause in a sentence is the classic mark of an insecure and inadequate personality.

And he is our president.