Monday, April 06, 2009

Once in Control, We Do Not Relinquish

Possibly the most under-noticed critical story of the past day or two is this one:

It Isn't About the Money

That editorial piece describes Stuart Varney's astonishment that the Obama administration really doesn't want those tax-payer dollars back when a private enterprise entity doesn't need them. The goons of the government forced banks and lending institutions to take TARP funds even when they wanted to forego the pleasure. The idea is that if a company has federal funds in the till, then there is justification for the ministers of the mob to maintain control of the entity. They can hire, fire, mandate and misdirect to their greedy little dictatorial heart's content.

Billy Beck supplied the link to the WSJ editorial and then chastises Varney as only Beck can with the briefest summary of what his personal credo has long been. Look for it in the April 6 postings as "It Really Can Happen Here." Two-Four

Now as soon as Obama burns the Reichstag and suspends the Constitution to better deal with the national threat we might begin to understand where this all leads.


Anonymous said...

It's getting scary out there, Ed.

In Britain Nu-Labour is exploiting the war on terror (which "officially" doesn't exist anymore) to subvert traditional British standards of privacy, liberty and civility:

Don't we have a tradition of fighting alongside our British cousins for liberty and freedom? What have we fought the past eight years for? To live in a surveillance society? just who is winning this struggle? Humpf. And how long before this sort of thing comes to our shores?

Best, C

Anonymous said...

Two more items:

1) I heard on Hannity today that Obama cancelled the F-22. Is this true!

2) Check this, but I believe the Dean of the Yale Law School has been tapped on the shoulder to become the State Department's Chief Legal Officer. Again check this, but from what I understand he doesn't believe in national sovereignty, and moreover believes the US Constitution is subordinate to international law.

All this in addition to taking over private companies....

As I said, scary times.

Anonymous said...

State Dept. nominee: