Thursday, April 09, 2009

It Makes a Great Story

We've all known someone who embellishes a story a bit too much. Pretty soon they are like the boy who cried "Wolf!" We don't believe them any more. We ignore them. We pay no attention to their braggadocio.

But, that's family and friends. When it comes to the American political scene the stories take on a life of their own. Rather than being scoffed at and discrediting the blow-hard, we seem to embrace the fiction and it becomes revisionist fact:

Creating a Legend

Vice-President Joe "The Mouth" Biden isn't known for fact-based discourse. Whether it is his somewhat checkered plagiarist educational past or his spelling prowess as in "a three-letter word, J-O-B-S," we've come to hang on his every creative speaking moment.

Now, the once-upon-a-time Senator is weaving the story about his chastising of the President within the Oval Office. It certainly makes him seem more like an uncultured boor than a seasoned elder statesman. Apparently in his glassy eyes it gives him street cred and a macho swagger.

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