Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Member of the Team

It would be funny if it weren't so tragic. The blatant incompetence of the administration is on display daily. We've gone from the incessant withdrawals of nominees because each was revealed to be tainted worse than the previous one. Then we've had the failure of the Sec Treasury to be able to articulate his promised plan when promised leading to continued market erosion for another thousand D-J points. There are the regular and frequent gaffes of the VP who has apparently been muzzled this week in the White House basement. And, now this week we've got Fidel Castro yelling, "Not so fast, Obama!" The bearded one is explaining that the lovefest between the Messiah and figurehead Cuban leader, Raoul, was misunderstood. At least there is consistency in the incompetence. It permeates.

The flap of the week was Homeland Security boss, Napolitano, advising everyone to watch out for us veterans. We're the sort of folks that are enmeshed in patriotism and that pesky Constitution. We're familiar with guns and we know how to use them. We're dangerous.

She got called out on it. She didn't recant. She stayed on page one. She apologized. Sort of.

Did she shut up? Nah. They don't do that. After all, they won the election. Check this:

Inadequately Briefed

She accuses our neighbors to the north of being the transit route for the 9/11 terrorists. When proven wrong, does she apologize? Her response is to say she can't be bothered with the past, she's got to deal with the future.

Might I reference Santayana for her with regard to lessons to be learned?

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steveH said...

They say you get the government that you deserve.

This worries me, because I can't think of *anything* I've done to deserve what we've got now (either federal or state), and on top of it all, I don't drink and can't figure out how else I could have missed whatever it was.