Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Waffle For You?

This governing business is getting really complicated for that kid from the Southside of Chicago by way of Hawaii, Harvard, Kenya and Indonesia. It looked like so much fun when it was all about dress up, going places in a jet and having an army of people tell you how smart, articulate, handsome and charming you were. Now it is increasingly becoming a drag where you can't even bow to an emperor without getting bad press anymore.

As the attorney general takes the heat for either being the front man for the Messiah or a rogue cannon on terrorist/criminal trials in New York, and unemployment continues to rise, we see the never-ending campaign interrupted in Asia by a visit from the Copenhagen Climate Consulting and Storm-door company:

We Won't Have Time to Save the Planet Next Month!

That's right, boys and girls, the need to dismantle the US economy, tax our exhalations and wait for the developing world to bury us in their cheap products has receded. Just because Brazil, China and India with fifteen times our population were reluctant to restrict themselves to exactly the same climate saving chains they wanted for us, it looks like the Bamster will have to be content with handing out free money to voters and deep-sixing our medical system.

Meanwhile, the Messiah agrees to reduce our nuclear arsenal, he sits down at a meeting with the brutal dictator of Myanmar, he cuts out his scheduled comments on that nation's political prisoners, and he promises to welcome the Asian-Pacific trade meeting next year in Hawaii. What a grand guy!

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