Saturday, November 21, 2009

Football Weekend

Looking at the line for today's college games and seriously disappointed at the scheduling. Of course, the goal is to get to the big bucks of those BCS bowls, but when it should be getting really interesting we've got #1 Bama a 47 point favorite over Chattanooga Farrier and Frycook Academy. I mean really!

Florida struggling with pass protection for Tim Tebow defends their #2 ranking by picking on Florida International Airport Security Institute for Shoe-Checking and Shampoo Confiscation. They are only a 45 point favorite.

Texas at #3 will at least face a Big 12 opponent in Kansas, but the poor Jayhawks have lost five straight along with the last five meetings with TX. And to top it off, poster-boy for Nutri-System avoidance, Mike Mangini is under pressure for being mean to his players. Can't have a coach demanding his highly paid thugs actually listen to him or put out some effort, can we?

Number 4 TCU will face the cold and snow of Laramie in a match-up with Wyoming, demonstrating once again that while the Frogs are the class of their conference this year, their conference is their liability in gaining national ranking. Purple is a big color in Ft. Worth these days.

Probably the game to watch is crippled Oklahoma, a team that had great potential at the start of the season, facing off against Texas Tech another front-runner fallen on hard times. At least it is likely to be competitive.

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