Saturday, November 14, 2009

Is It Any Wonder?

Is it any wonder why the state of the nation is so bad? Wasn't the one indisputable credential in his incredibly thin resume the fact that he was a graduate of Harvard's School of Law, had been the editor of the Harvard Law Review and lectured on Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago?

I'm not a lawyer, as I repeatedly confess. I'd rather be a piano player in a sporting house and make my mother proud. But, almost anyone who can read knows that one of the most difficult decisions that is made in a capital punishment crime trial is whether or not a fair trial can be held in the community which was victimized by the alleged criminal. It is almost routine to ask for a change of venue to avoid the inflamed citizenry and attempt to get an unbiased jury.

How then to explain how this great legal mind overlooks that and brings the mastermind of the 9/11 attack to New York City to the federal court building just a few short blocks from Ground Zero? I didn't call him the "alleged" mastermind you may note because he has proudly and repeatedly confessed to that plotting. How does the Messiah and his equally embarrassing Attorney General deal with that one simple issue?

Here's more:

Show and Tell For Terrorists Time

It doesn't take much consideration to build a pretty long list of negatives about this whole business.
  1. Makes NYC a prime target for terrorists
  2. Gives the terrorists a public platform for their message
  3. Jeopardizes American counter-terrorist operations
  4. Compromises sources, methods and security measures
  5. Generates a public spectacle
  6. Creates the very real possibility of a hung jury as some guilt-riddled American apologist digs in with a not-guilty vote
  7. Damages American prestige worldwide
  8. Elevates terrorism to a simple criminal act rather than an act of war
  9. Provides Constitutional protections to a non-citizen acting against the nation in a global conspiracy from outside the country, in other words someone who doesn't possess those protections.

I could probably add to that list and you will undoubtedly find more reasons this is bad policy from other sources.

Increasingly I am coming to believe that the administration sits around a table and brain-storms for "what's the stupidest thing we can do today?"

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Dedicated_Dad said...

I've recently found I had to stop asking this question:

"If they were trying to deliberately destroy the country, what would they do differently?"


Because I realized the answer was NOTHING. And it became too hard to face as another day brings more idiocy.

Now, instead, I ask "Is it time