Thursday, November 19, 2009

What He Said v What He Did

Here's yet another example of my advice that whatever he says, the exact opposite will occur:

No Dog Parks With Stimulus Money...Except

The language was incredibly clear. The $800 billion wasn't going to porkery and diddle projects. It was going to build real infrastructure and not frivolous pooping places. That was where real jobs would be "created"...And, in exactly the opposite of what he said, the picture doesn't lie.

Meanwhile as the troops endure the daily dangers of Afghanistan, the commander in theater is ignored and the Messiah smiles at the photo op of standing before a group of uniformed warriors co-opted for the occasion:

Taking Every Opportunity Before Him

Yes indeed, they do make a "pretty good photo op" but they deserve to be getting a bit more consideration than as simple window dressing. How many months longer will it take for him to make a simple decision on forty thousand troops to actually have a chance to win in Afghanistan? You either commit to victory or you pull a Clinton-in-Somalia moment and tuck your tail between your legs. But, of course then everyone will love us again and we will finally be safer.

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