Monday, November 02, 2009

How We Got Here

If you've been wondering how we got to the state of government we now find ourselves in, take a look at this stunning item:

Advice From a Nine-Year-Old

That's right! We are so bloody ignorant about real world events we find ourselves listening to campaign phone calls from a third-grader!

I grew up in Chicago. My father worked for the Chicago Sun-Times (Field Newspapers) and my neighborhood was about ten blocks north of Irving Park where this precocious little tot is found.

Now, he may be very intelligent. He may be able to read a tele-marketing script quite well. He may be quite coachable and certainly he is cute enough to attract a film-maker's eye.

But, ask him about redistribution of wealth through a confiscatory tax policy. Discuss the nuances of Middle Eastern policy. Query him for what he expects the outcome would be with a nuclear capable Iran and N. Korea. Check his opinion on Keynesian economics and whether or not a stimulus will create jobs. See if he understands how healthcare is provided and why a doctor might work or an investor might buy into a hospital.

When we find ourselves listening to third-graders with regard to who should lead the most powerful nation in the world during perilous times, we are clearly no longer capable of rational self-government.

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juvat said...

Ed, come on! You know he had the equivalent mentality of most O supporters, how else would the kid be so simpatico' and O have been so successful?