Sunday, November 15, 2009

Platinum Into Propaganda

It was a cult classic before cult classic was a common term. It was cryptic, complex, convoluted and occasionally a bit off-putting. It defied understanding and yet occasionally seemed to generate quite a bit of insight.

Like everything else in the modern world, we have a need to return to the past and recast it into our current terms. Yet I can't help but feel a nagging apprehension that we are being co-opted into a world in which everything is undermined with a hidden agenda.

I could enjoy a fantasy about a top level secret agent trying to quit his agency and being spirited away to a holding place. His service merited him life, but his secrets required detention. This new version, however, is about the evils of that nasty old capitalist world, the competition and marketing jungle in which the better choice would be conformity and subordination to the directives of your benevolent government.

Welcome to the Twenty-First century, Six.

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Anonymous said...

They've made similar dumbed-down revisions of other anti-totalitarian films, like Rollerball and Planet of the Apes.