Monday, November 30, 2009

Perverse Irony

Ironic isn't it that just as we are girding for the geopolitical high theater which will take place in Copenhagen at the discussions of what to do about pesky old man screwing up the planet with civilization we get the disclosure that the scientific clearing ground for all of the research is up to the third button on their dainty white lab coats in mire.

Here's an excellent summary from Financial Times:

Competition, Secrecy and Machiavelian Plotting

Now, try this on for size, something you won't hear much of in the mainstream US media:

We Dumped the Data, But Trust Us

Have I read that right? You want to dismantle modern society based on a threat to the globe's very survival as a habitable planet and you threw out the supporting data when you were cleaning house? Psst, Fry's has got 1.5 terabyte USB drives on sale this week for $99 which would only be around 55 pounds sterling. Pick up a couple, stat.

Maybe if we look at the markets today we might find Al Gore dumping preferred stock in his various climate change corporations. Is it insider trading if you are the one who created the entire scenario out of fabrication in the first place? I guess it is more like a Madoff ponzi.

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