Monday, November 23, 2009

Ignoring the Man Behind the Mirror

I find myself quite often describing the Dallas Morning News as a pathetic excuse for a newspaper. I know that is harsh, but despite my best efforts to gain a favorable perspective on the rag, I can't do it. Today's paper was just one more example. The front page, above the fold? It was Dallas Cowboys "victory" in a game they clearly were out-classed in. They squeaked one score in after 57 minutes of play to come out statistically on top and athletically well behind.

More often I focus my gripes on the lack of essential world news and the incessant accentuation of human interest stories about single parent households of four, five or six children all of whom have different last names. Someone is needing shelter, food, healthcare, an increased welfare check, a ride to her parole officer, and an excuse for keeping her abused children. We should all feel bad about ourselves because of this.

This comes from the opinion pages today's edition:

Remember All the Good ACORN Has Done for N. Texas

We certainly can't let one or two bad apples spoil the entire fetid barrel can we? Well, what about this:

The Attorney General is Coming, Dump the Documents!

I particularly like the part where the ACORN spokesman gleefully expresses his opinion that the video crew that caught their malfeasance is the one that will be in trouble. Can you say "chutzpah"?

Here's one instance where it didn't work out as well:

Voters Cost More Than a Dime a Dozen

But the Dallas Morning News is pretty sure that's not representative of the organization. I'm more inclined to believe that it typifies the activity of a "community organizer" in the current parlance.

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