Friday, November 06, 2009

Thoughts in Passing

Some random thoughts in the aftermath of the Ft. Hood shootings:

Hasan is continually being identified as "Army major". That is technically correct but there is an important distinction. He served in the Medical Corps and not the line Army. It brings to the forefront a point I've made over the years about doctors in the military. They are given officer's rank upon joining but other than a brief orientation course they seldom look, act or think like military officers. They often are embarrassments to the uniform. The justification has been that giving them advanced rank gains them higher pay scales to enhance both recruiting and retention. That's crap. Hire them. Let them wear lab coats. Pay them what you need to. They aren't officers.

A psychiatrist treating wounded warriors at a major military medical center is in a sensitive position. They are supposedly trained to deal with the medical trauma of stress and combat. Psychiatrists are customarily members of professional groups that deal with their own issues to help them in their work. This guy either wasn't screened or the fog of political correctness allowed his "issues" to be ignored.

All of the significant terrorist actions around the world for the last ten to twenty years have been jihadists. They have been carried out by young Muslim men. Those men have either come from terrorist cells or they have been homegrown and cultured within our own society. They have all, however, been vocal in their intentions. We ignore it. Muslims in any position of responsibility should be under careful and even-handed scrutiny.

If I hear one more apologist tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. I'm going to gag. Islam is a religion of violence. Denying it is simply placing one's head deeply into the sand.

I've had a personal plan for facing a terrorist action. It is a result of the new paradigm about such matters that emerged so quickly on 9/11. The actions on United Flight 93 showed what is required. You can't cower under a desk and wait to die. Death is inevitable then. Take action. Charge the shooter. Disarm him. Do it as a group. Some will be injured but you will stop the attack. Failure to act will not make things better. This fool shot for 10 minutes and reloaded several times.

Hasan is Muslim. He is guilty (or as we say in America, accused) of a terrorist attack on a US military installation. Why don't we send him to Gitmo? He needs to be interrogated by some pros. Enhanced techniques seem to be in order.

Lethal injection is too good for some folks. Do we have any military manuals or T.O.s on flailing? This guy will get off too lightly if we simply conduct a trial, twenty years of appeals and then a plain execution. I suggest some people review the last fifteen minutes of Braveheart for ideas.

The President's staff must coach him that when a major terrorist attack takes place that your next public statement should not start with a "shoutout" to a supporter in the audience. Can this guy really be that stupid and insensitive?

End of random thoughts.


John said...

Ed, Things have changed somewhat. My son is a graduate of the same military medical school as this POS major. I know several of the doctors produced there over the last few years. Many of them are prior service (my son has 8 years as an F16 and C130 crew chief with two tours in the sand box). One I know was a Navy nuke officer, and one is a former SF MSG medic. Many of these docs are as as hardcore as they come.

That said - Back in the 80s when we took the Army back from the dopers and criminals a refrain often heard was "Not in my Army". That has relevance today when I ask, How did this Islamist Jihadist not only be accepted into my Army but become a doctor? It is not easy to be accepted to the USHHS medical school. For what possible reason, other than political correctness are we recruiting "these people"? And I'm not afraid of being labeled by using that term.

Officers preaching Islam? Not in my Army!

juvat said...

Well, on the other hand, it is useful to have people who speak the language. Good, bad or indifferent, those people are going to tend to be Muslim. We need them in the Military and they should have the right to practice their religion. But, whomever said, your rights stop at the other guy's nose had it right. The first time they get up on their high horse ballyhooing about jihad and beheading non-believers, there should be an expedited process, say 15 minutes, to terminate their membership in the military and place them on a quick plane to a long vacation on a Caribbean Island. Shoot somebody, (and there's got to be witnesses in this case), a quick courts martial, and a firing squad. It's not unprecedented and it is necessary to maintain good order and discipline. End of transmission.

Anonymous said...

Not random at all, Ed. Your thoughts point directly to what's going on, and to a tragic flaw in policy.

And thanks, John, for the update.

As we have all seen, the PC whitewash has already begun.

Here's my analysis to add to what's been said:

Imagine the people who worked side by side with this traitor. There were plenty of data points to arouse suspicion, but the good doctor's co-workers had been trained in PC sensitivity and ignored the warning signs.

And what they ignored was as clear as two fingers being held up . . . but they saw three. Two fingers were being held up, but they were _trained_ to see three.

Orwell called it double-think. Consider how such training interferes with both strategic and tactical decision making. It isn't difficult to imagine how the double-thinking mind degrades the integrity, efficiency and flexibility of each soldier, each unit, each command. And at a larger scale, think how such training degrades our nation's ability to make clear political judgements.

It's time to discard the cancer of multiculturalism and political correctness.

immagikman said...

Our Commander in Chief (ugh) Says we shouldn't be quick to Judge or to condemn Islam.....and he is so smart and wise, how can you not take his lead?