Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oaks Growing From Tiny ACORNs

The dumping of 20,000 documents in a dumpster before arrival of state investigative officers by ACORN in California is beginning to develop. It wasn't simply observed, it was an opportunity to see the inner workings of the organization. Are they good guys trying to improve their communities or are they corrupt functionaries of a system gone badly astray?

Take a peek at this:

Take Control of the Government by Reforming It?

But, in case you were worried about identity theft if you were ever involved with ACORN and let them have your sensitive personal information, relax, they would naturally shred those papers just like you would at home. Wouldn't they?

Accounts, Credit Cards, Social Security Numbers, Ooops!

Well, that was an innocent mistake. ACORN does a lot of good. Like they help hungry people get food stamps. They do the paperwork and ease the system for the needy, don't they?

No Turkey For You Turkeys!

So, don't bother dropping by to pick up your food stamps this week. You've got a better future for a Thanksgiving dinner by prowling dumpsters that aren't jammed with incriminating documents.

Of course if you've signed up to be a regular contributor to ACORN, you can be sure that your money is well spent helping those less fortunate get a leg up in society. That is if that assistance involves one of the ACORN staffers dropping nine Gs at a reproductive services clinic. That sounds like a lot of Viagra for the dude.

Maybe an Enhancement?

I think the little red button on ACORN's buttery breast is about to pop out. Put a fork in them, they're done.

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