Monday, December 05, 2011

Bowl Crap Series

The season is over and the match ups are finalized by the totally neutral, totally mechanical, totally just and totally unbiased computers programmed in the bowels of the Southeast Conference headquarters.

The "National Championship" will bring together an undefeated team and a team which is from the same conference, which got beaten in a game with the #1 in which neither team scored a touchdown. The loser didn't even win their division in their conference.

Seriously, does anybody care? The real question will be if LSU can score a touchdown against Bama this time. But what if the Tide rolls and they rack up two or three field goals. How definitive will that "National Championship" be?

Wouldn't anybody love to see the Big 12 offensive juggernaut have a shot? How about the Pac 12 powerhouse? Did somebody forget about the Big 10?

Seriously folks, the BCS is a lot worse than a joke. It is a travesty. It happens annually and we still don't do anything about it. Last year's dismissal of the the Horned Frogs and the total denial of what OSU has done this season makes the BCS a crime against the game.


FlyingBarrister said...

The point is to have the two best teams in the country play for the NC. There is no guarantee that a team that wins its conference, particularly the cupcake conferences like the Big East, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and PAC 10 are even worthy of playing in a BCS Bowl, much less the championship game. There is no way to rationally state that the two best teams in the country could not come from the same division of the same conference.

The polls got it right and the two best teams in the country are playing one another. There is no reason to arbitrarily exclude Alabama and elevate another team just because.

There is SEC football, and then there is everything else.

Anonymous said...

BCS = BULLSHIT Championships series

4 Team Playoff will do. 2 games on Jan 1 And the champioship the next week