Friday, December 09, 2011

Mature Evaluation

Yesterday we were seeing a screed from the ever-shrill Ann Coulter regarding the total disaster the Republican Presidential front-runner would be if nominated. While Ann abhors the Messiah, she delights in destroying Republicans who don't strictly fit into her uber-conservative cookie cutter. I'm not exactly clear whether Abe Lincoln would have made the cut on team Coulter.

Here is a more mature and rational analysis of Newt Gingrich. It isn't a slash-and-burn attack and it isn't an Ode to a Legend. It's simply a balanced coverage of pros and cons. It paints a picture of a man who has made mistakes, stepped on toes, endured successes and failures, and who consistently thinks of big solutions to big problems...some of which may or may not work.

Whatever You've Heard Is True

And having read that, I could live very comfortably under those conditions.


FlyingBarrister said...

I'm not sure what to think of Coulter--she is onboard with Mitt Romney who is only convincing as an opportunist and will say whatever it takes to get through the day and the election cycle. He does not have a core, and is the epitome of the yankee RINO.

Kevin said...

Good piece. Thnx for sharing.
Here's another - a short op-ed of the same temper from Natl Review...
...covers both Gingrich and Romney.

Dweezil Dwarftosser. said...

I'm with the airborn lawyer on this; Annie Coulter has always been a brilliantly sarcastic critic of the looney left; it is why they despise her so much.

However, "uber-conservative" has never been a valid characterization of her - as illustrated by her inexplicable support of RINO Romney's candidacy.
He clearly is the desired republican candidate of the democrats and the lamestream media; he's SO easy for them to destroy.

Oh, sure, the DC republican establishment knows he can carry forward the (rotten) 'status quo' they desire, mistakenly thinking they can just ignore the people's demands to refuse ALL 'dealing with the devil'. They do so at their own political peril.

Perhaps Coulter's looking to sustain a target-rich environment for the barbs of her many columns and personal appearances; I don't know. It's clear that Obama's administration is so intent on national destruction, it no longer takes an insightful critic to heap disdain upon the miserable performance. Even dim bulbs can craft some stinging zingers - merely by quoting Obumbler's own words, on just about every one of his massive personal political failures.

Anonymous said...


Mitt Romney is too liberal for the tea party so...

He can't win against Obama

Newt Gingrinch has way too much Baggage to appeal to the middle of the road.

So he can't win either against Obama

So that leaves only one Obama Killer for the GOP

Jeb Bush

And he won't run

In the Immortal words of Bill Cinton

"I feel your pain"

I spent 6 years suffering Bush Derangement Syndrome.

Don't worry Ed If I can survive BDS I know you can survive ODS until 2016.


Anonymous said...


hitman said...

Hey Left Foot! We'll read that shit when you read: Http:1,000,000 reasons why Obama is really the worst president ever. LMAO