Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Proper Role of Government

You've often heard me comment on "the proper role of government" in my postings. Quite often that frustrates the ideologically pure because it requires them to suspend their morally superior position and simply ask if the action which they seek is within the realm of a government's necessary functions. Something may be prudent and proper, ethical and correct, but it may be a function of individual responsibility and choice rather than governmental mandate.

Want an example?

Something To Vote On in Los Angeles

So what happens if they move the location to a nice beachfront home in Oxnard?


The Donald said...

Yeah, that's an odd story - I had read about that just before reading that elsewhere in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes, they're trying to pass a law requiring inclusion in school curricula of the contributions of LGBT people. Certainly if someone of one of those persuasions did something noteworthy, it should be, well, noted. But apparently the intent of the law is aimed more at celebrating their LGBT-ism.

Sheesh. As Stossel would say: "Give me a break!"

If they strung enough thermonuke devices along the Nevada state line, any change we could dump the whole of Ka-li-for-ni-a into the Pacific - kind of a large scale quarrying operation?

The Donald said...

Aargh. Chance, not change.

Where's my editor?