Sunday, December 18, 2011

Truth Suppression?

Yes, I am paranoid. But that surely doesn't mean that my freedoms aren't being threatened by government. It merely means I'm concerned and cautious.

So, you may have heard about the Audi Motors President trashing the Chevy Volt as a "car for idiots." The Drudge Report had a header and link for the last two days. The catch is that when you go there to read the full interview, the site is "down for maintenance." Coincidence?

Maybe you can find the original story by a Google of search terms like "Audi President Chevy Volt Idiot". Yep, lots of hits at various blogs. Links from all of them dead-end and one or two indicate that the story has been "taken down." Is this simply a random occurrence?

Finally I found a New York Times piece. Here we get a follow-up in which the core of the matter is that Audi has "walked back" the quotes. Make up your own mind:

Who Pays 15 Gees Extra For a Sub-Standard Corolla Equivalent?

Does that sound like Government Motors exercising their Agit-Prop arm to spin the story as the Volt simply being too far ahead of its time?

Not to me, but maybe a little bit...

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