Friday, December 16, 2011

Light at the End of the Tunnel

In a rare glimpse of common sense we see a Congress that might be able to recognize when they have been going down a path which was well beyond the Constitutional range of delegated and reserved powers.

Let There Be Light--Inexpensive, Common, and US Made

I tend to be an early-adopter of many technologies. I'm not a "save-the-planet" eco-freak because frankly I'm just a selfish old man living at the top of the food chain. I enjoy living in the 21st Century with all of its conveniences. But, I liked the idea of a long-lasting, efficient and low-temp light bulb. I bought a veritable plethora of twirly bulbs.

I soon learned that they are incredibly impractical. They don't respond to faders. They don't provide full light on turn-on. They come in three-way, but after six attempts to find a suitable version I gave up the search for a curly-q that fit in a standard table lamp harp. And, in short order I found that the "seven times longer than incandescent" was a lie. Seven times more expensive, but about the same lifespan in my usage.

Over the last year I've stock-piled a dozen or so 50-100-150 bulbs awaiting the end of civilization as I know it.  Now, we've got the Make-China-Rich law repealed and we can once again have practical inexpensive lighting in our homes.

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Newbius said...

It is too bad that the Make China Rich law also killed the last incandescent bulb manufacturing plant in the USA. Maybe some boutique manufacturer can buy the bones of the old plant and get it spun up again...