Saturday, December 31, 2011

And By Coincidence

This just in:

Virginia Attorney General Points Out the Obvious

A political party process dictated by any state which effectively limits the ability of legitimate candidates to compete is inherently flawed.


Anonymous said...


Ed, Obama would rather Mitt Romney not be the Nominee either. No surprise the Democrats are supporting it. Why let Mitt have an easy win when he could fuck up. And no one can explain why 6 republicans could do it in 2008 and only 2 in 2012.

And if I'm Romney I'm going to amke a point to the VA voters he played fair and square within the rules and the other candidates couldn't. Can't get the toothpaste back in that tube.

BTW haven't you told me "the law is the law"?


MSgt B said...

How embarrassing...

Ed Rasimus said...

Yes, Leadfoot, you learned part of the lesson. Somehow you still manage to miss the critical parts though as you cherry-pick what suits your perspective of the moment. "The law is the law"...and should be obeyed. But some law is bad law and rather than accepting it, that law should be challenged in the courts, should be amended, should be repealed or should be corrected through process. When voters are denied a reasonable opportunity to select the candidate of their choice through the establishment of bureaucratic obstructions, then the law should be challenged.

immagikman said...

I was going to say you need to look at the WHOLE picture not just the parts that suit your prejudices to Leadfoot, but I think Ed did it better :) After all it is ALSO the LAW that unjust laws may be challenged in the courts.

Anonymous said...


When an innocent child is dragged across the border and winds up in a predicament they have no control over you and Mitt Romney say the "law is the Law" (Mitt Romney will veto the Dream act, Iowa Campaign promise yesterday)

When Candidates for President show absolute incompetence that embarrasses both them and their political party you say it's bad law and should be changed.

ROTLFLMAO at the Hypocrisy, Got to tell you this is a fun train wreck the GOP has going here.

In the 2012 presidential Debate will it be ok for Obama to point out that Candidate X was so incompetent that he needed the Law changed to get on the ballot in VA?


Ed Rasimus said...

Leadfoot, can you focus on an issue? I've previously told you to avoid telling me what you think I think. I have opinions on illegal immigration, but you may not tell me that I think what Romney thinks and it somehow fits with your convoluted interpretation of my beliefs.

The "Dream Act" has not been passed by this or any other legislature, so whether Romney would or would not veto is a fairy tale. The Dream Act that was proposed was a very transparent attempt to enable vast numbers of illegals to suddenly become eligible voters. It was not a solution to the issues of immigration and more importantly it has nothing to do with ballot access for primary elections.

As for demonstrations of "absolute incompetence" you don't seem to have a problem with Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Holder, Napolitano, Geithner, Biden, Sebelius or the President who has visited all 57 states.

immagikman said...

All sorts of evils can be justified by using "its for the good of the children" It was just such logic that allowed a certain German Dictator rise to power 70 years ago or so. Sorry a Country that does not control it's borders is doomed to die.

Anonymous said...


I think I have focused on the issue at hand quite well. That issue is changing the rules for the VA primary so incompetent Republicans can be voted for by their voters

Speaking of competence did the Bush Administration show competence in the occupation of post war Iraq or to the citizens of New Orleasn where a 1000 people died during Hurricane Katrina?

The VA debacle is not the only case where Newt Gingrich has shown incompetence. I shudder to think of our nation being led by this incompetent fool.

In the case of Gov Perry though I think the issue may be less one of competence and more "not ready for Prime Time". The battle between him and jeb Bush in 2016 will be interesting.

I would be interested in your evaluation of the GOP contenders strictly on the basis of their abilities as CEO and not ideology.


MSgt B said...

This comment thread reminds me of the time I forgot to put the cinder block on top of the trash can.
That racoon decided the best place to pick through the garbage for all the choice bits was on the hood of my car.
Keep up the great blogging, Ed. You know you're doing a good job when you get under people's skin.