Saturday, December 10, 2011

Former Harry Reid Staffer Now Director

Some might think this is simply a diversion to take some focus off the questionable competence of the Attorney General. Some might also think that this is simply another facet of a policy agenda ungoverned by scientific fact or reality. It is a manifestation of government out of control.

Regulatory agencies are supposedly for the purpose of objective oversight of operations which are of concern to the public well-being. They are part of the executive branch of government. They are run by powerful people who ideally would be appointed based on their competence. But, we don't live in an ideal world.

Nuclear Regulatory Agency Chief Gets No-Confidence Vote

Am I misinterpreting when I read that this is a five member commission that Jaczko chairs and if four-out-of-five members signed the letter against him, the only member of the group that supports him is Jaczko himself.

Do I smell the rancid aroma of politically based policy decision on the Yucca nuclear waste storage area? Let me think about it. Former Reid staffer. Reid is Senator from Nevada. Yucca has been a nuclear test and planned storage site for sixty years. Summary cancellation without basis. Anti-nuke policy of the current administration. Disregard of the rest of the commission. Stonewalling of data. Yep, looks, walks, quacks like a duck.

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