Saturday, December 10, 2011


I can see this as a home-run right down the Bamster's foul line. It's perfect. It's got guilt, debt to poor nations, built in punishment for American success, submission to a bunch of enviro-loons, surrender of national sovereignty, and a dismantling of national defense all built into one feel-good package:

Climate Court of Justice Coming Soon

This is a perfect time to simply say the US will no longer be a member, we will no longer support the organization, and it is time for you to build a nice new Hq building somewhere they love you like maybe Nairobi or Caracas.


juvat said...

Tehran or Beijing, perhaps? Cause they LUV those liberal doo-gooders there!

Anonymous said...

Paranoia will destroy ya

Someone floats a draft document at the UN and you think its the end of the world???



hitman said...

I think it's just another example of how far out there the U.N. and liberals really are. And the real reason for all the BS about "Global Warming" Another way to get money without actually working for it.

immagikman said...

It's isn't paranoia if the Proposal is real and has a credible chance of becoming reality. Just as it isn't paranoia to believe the bus will kill you as you are being run over by it.