Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a River In Egypt

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. You know that when the Messiah took office unemployment was at 7% with rising rates looming on the horizon. You know that his solution was a $857 billion stimulus to funnel borrowed dollars into "shovel-ready" pork projects in states which supported him for election. You know that the promise was that these "created" jobs would keep unemployment below 8%. You know that ever the next two years the rate went to 10.1 and many analyses say that number is kept artificially low because it drops those who simply stop looking for work. You know that only in the last two months has there been a decline in unemployment below 9%. And, deep in your heart, you suspect that the decline is a temporary result of holiday season temporary hiring.

Debbie Does Denial

That is why if you are a true believer you must deny, deny, deny. There is nothing wrong with that strategy in modern America because most voters can't read or understand numbers. Those that can are falling into minority status although they are not minorities.

I wonder if we can find a nice benevolent dictator to take over for a few years?

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